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Burial & Cremation

Should I be buried or cremated?

This can be a very emotional choice for your family. As you may have a personal preference, pre-planning or talking with your family and friends before death can relieve them of this responsibility.

Some people have a preference based upon their religious beliefs or customs. Others make their decision based on financial reasons. Whatever the reason for your preference, it is usually best to advise others of your preference or to plan your funeral in advance.


There are two elements to any burial: the land and the interment.

The fee for the land is paid once. An interment fee is usually paid for each time a coffin or casket is interred into that site. These fees are determined by individual cemeteries.

Common options for burial include lawn graves, monumental graves and mausoleums.

Existing Grave
Many families have an existing family grave that they wish to use for subsequent burials. If you have such a grave, be aware that there may be physical limitations on how the grave is used.

For example, certain coffins and caskets to do not fit into some older graves. In particular, if a coffin or casket is oversize, you may not be able to use your family grave. Always check with the cemetery to determine if the grave will meet your requirements.

New Grave
If a burial site has yet to be selected, we can help you by providing information on cemeteries and their specific requirements. You may also choose to visit the cemetery yourself to select a specific grave.

Monumental Works
Because each grave and cemetery is so different, we recommend that you talk with your cemetery to find an appropriate mason to help with your monument.

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Cremation is an alternative form of disposition to burial. Cremated remains are returned to the family for you to decide whether to memorialise them, scatter them, or keep them.

Approximately 50% of families who have funerals with Nelson Bros select cremation.

What do families select?
Many families select a single service at our funeral home, followed by refreshments in our spacious reception rooms. They find no need to travel to a separate committal service at the crematorium when the cremation itself may not even happen that day.

What happens to the coffin or casket?
The coffin or casket is cremated with the body. This includes the handles and nameplates. When metals or plastics are exposed to the high temperature of a cremator, they naturally fuse with other surrounding materials.

Can cremated remains be scattered?
With consent of the property owner, cremated remains may be scattered on privately owned property. Some people may wish to have cremated remains scattered at public sports grounds, gardens or clubs. You should always check with the organisation first before scattering cremated remains.

Remember that scattering is not always practical for all concerned. Some families find the process traumatic. Also, later generations of the family may be disappointed they do not have a permanent place to pay tribute.

Can families witness the cremation?
Most crematoria have an area where immediate family may witness the cremation. Please advise us at the time of the funeral arrangement so we can organise this for you with the crematorium.

Is cremation socially and theologically accepted?
Yes, most religious faiths accept cremation.

The Catholic Church does allow a person to be cremated. Preferably the cremation should take place after the funeral liturgy. The symbolism of the liturgy, the sprinkling with water, the clothing with the pall, is more meaningful if the body is present. The Church urges us to treat the cremated remains with respect. If possible, we should inter the remains in a grave, mausoleum or columbarium. (Source: Catholic Australia)

Who operates each Crematorium?
All Crematoria in Victoria are run by Trusts, with trustees appointed by the State Government. Currently there are no private crematoria in our State, unlike other parts of Australia.

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